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ahi seafood market fresh fish fairhope

Fairhope's Freshest Seafood Market!

At Ahi Seafood Market, we believe the best seafood is the kind you can feel good about. That’s why we’re committed to providing South Alabama with fresh, high-quality seafood that’s responsibly-sourced.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of superior seafood that supports our local fishing community while bringing the best taste to your table.

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At the Market

Ahi Seafood Market isn’t only your source for superior local seafood. Our Fairhope market offers everything you need to create a superior seafood experience: gourmet seasonings and rubs, quality wine and beer selections, fine cheese, and more. Our friendly fishmongers are happy to help you find a specific item or place a special order for you. We fillet most of our fish on site, so let us know if you'd like it cut to order or want to buy the whole fish. We’ll meet you at the market! 

What Ahi Seafood Market Sells

Our seafood inventory changes daily to provide you with the freshest seafood possible, but we strive to always have a selection of fresh-caught local shrimp, snapper, grouper, tuna, crabs, scallops, and oysters in our seafood market. We get our salmon, snow crabs, king crabs, and other non-regional seafood fresh (never frozen!) and sustainably sourced from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Of course, we also stock seasonal items - so when it’s crawfish season, you can count on us for all of your boil and mud-bug needs!

We gladly take special requests and work with fishing partners all over the globe to fill your orders quickly and reliably. As with our local seafood items, we focus on making responsible and informed purchasing decisions that support long-term sustainability for the environment, future fisheries, and the seafood industry.

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